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Thread: find text??

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    find text??

    Some times when I want to select and replace text on dimension, the Autocad don´t find the text. Who knows why?

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    Off the top of my head.

    If the text is part of the dimensions automaitc prefix or suffix option, then all that will be available for selection in the dimension is <>.

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    First, keep in mind that AutoCad is a drawing program, not a word processing program. It has only limited text editing capabilites (on a good day!).

    Why can't you find text? See above....

    As VCD posted, unless you have defined a prefix or suffix in a dimension style, all you'll see when attempting to edit dimension text is a pair of arrow symbols: <> . These represent the value of the dimension determined by you, the user, when you placed it on the plans.

    Question: Are you editing dimensions to ADD text or are you editing to change the value displayed? :?

    Are you using the DDEDIT command or ?

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