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Thread: removing plot stamp

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    removing plot stamp

    sir, when

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    At a loss for words?

    The plot stamp or educational banner as it is called is there to remind users that content created in the educational version of AutoCAD should not be used in commercial (for profit) versions of the program.
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    AutoDESK have changed their minds on this issue.

    You can now legally remove the Educational Plotstamp.


    This is now old advice

    The educational plot stamp is there for a reason and should not be removed.

    From your other post it is obvious that you have found at least one way in which it could be removed in the past, as you have found out this does not always work especially with newer versions of AutoCAD.
    If you keep searching you may find another way; but-

    We do not endorse the removal of the AutoCAD educational plotstamp.
    It is against the law to remove this plotstamp from drawings created with an educational version of AutoCAD; and/or to use an AutoCAD student license for commercial work.

    If you have a full commercial AutoCAD licence and have obtained this drawing from elsewhere then you should inform whoever provided it that they are breaking the law.

    Note that if you take any part of this educational drawing; e.g as a block or as a copy/paste and put it into your own drawing then you own drawing will take on the plotstamp as well.
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