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Thread: Free shared lisp align any annotationTexts on lines, arcs and polylines

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    Free shared lisp align any annotationTexts on lines, arcs and polylines

    This is a free shared lisp file including 2 commands, which are very useful to me through years with many upgrades. It may look pretty messy to professionals, but it works well!
    1st Command: ALT (AlignText)
    This command would ask you to select text object (or mtext, or attribute definition, or attribute in block). Then you pick on lines, arcs or polylines, and the text would be aligned on those objects. Lines, arcs, polylines inside blocks or Xrefs are all valid. The text is offset from the line at the same distant as the text in current dimension object. You can press TAB key to flip.
    This youtube video would show you clearer of how it works:

    2nd Command: =
    This command would copy the text value of source text to other selected texts (mtexts, dimensinos, attributes)
    Hope you enjoy !

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    ahsattarian Guest
    if u have a number of lines, plines and splines and others, then i can give u a lisp routine.
    there, u select all what u need, and it puts for example length, layer, or any other data on them rotated and aligned.

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    ahsattarian: Your routine does something totally different than the two mentioned above and doesn't improve on either.
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