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Thread: Why can't i draw a line???

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    Why can't i draw a line???

    1st off, i'll say that i'm new to AutoCad.

    My question is: Why certain AutoCad files, I'm not able to draw lines?

    I'm in model space. I can move objects. I can even erase/delete things. But I'm tring to edit this shop drawing, i need to add some details, so i need to draw some lines. I use the "l" command. Select my 1st point, then 2nd point. It doesn't work??? The Command line keeps saying: Specify next point or [Close/Undo]. But no lines are getting drawn. i finally have to hit escape to end the line command but no lines have gotten drawn. its the same thing if i draw a square or circle. (Not sure if you need to know this but these are my companies files created by a former employee of my company using our own AutoCad. So, i would think if he's locked this file somehow, i should be able to unlock it.)

    Please help.

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    i think the file is not locked.
    Can you make a new file and draw?

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    If you can edit objects then the file is NOT locked just as Lothar said.

    Could it be that the color assigned to the layer you are drawing on is the same as the color of your background thus making the line(s) invisible to you?
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    Current layer is "off" or "frozen".

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    Yes, please check if the layer is off or frozen layer.

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