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Thread: Printing problem

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    Printing problem

    When saveing to PDF and then printing lines and text come out very bold, can any one help?

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    First check to see that the "Z" of your lines and text is at "0".
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    This could either be a problem with the way the lines have been drawn or a problem with the plot style .ctb settings.

    Does you drawing print OK straight from AutoCAD?
    If not then check this-

    1: in modelspace with no objects selected, look at your properties window and you will see the default lineweight. It should be "bylayer". If not, set it to this or everything you create beyond that point won't adopt the lineweight of it's layer but will have a specific lineweight when printed.

    2: Highlight the objects that are not plotting their proper lineweights. Look at your properties window again, if anything besides "bylayer" shows up in the lineweight box, you won't get the proper lineweights. Choose the "bylayer option for all the objects you want to plot with lineweights from your layer settings.

    If it is printing OK from Autocad then check what plotstyle (.ctb) you using when saving to PDF and check the settings of that plotstyle.
    Info on plotstyles-

    Another option would be to use a third party PDF creator such as CUTEPDF, a lot of the regulars here use that one with no problems, its the one that I use myself.
    Its FREE and you can get it here-
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