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Thread: Object Snap sequence

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    Object Snap sequence

    My object snap will select endpoint before other selections. I would prefer it would select intersection first (default). Without deselecting the endpoint can I make other
    choices select first in order. Thanks

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    Hi Windey,

    IMHO you can not set any priority.
    I use the tab key. You can cycle through the osnaps if the crosshair is in the near of your intersection. (Maybe you have to switch off the dyn mode).
    OR Fast deselection is possible with a short cut.

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    You could turn off the endpiont snap in the options or using OSMODE and only turn it on (or specify endp) only when you use it.

    If you want to turn it on and off frequently then OSMODE is the way to go on a toolbar button or menu that way you can toggle it on/off with one click.

    An example of using OSMODE to toggle on/off a snap setting in a tool bar button is given below-
    $M=$(if,$(eq,$(getvar,osmode),631),_osmode 759,_osmode 631)
    I wrote that in 2004 and what it does is to toggle on/off the perpendicular snap (OSMODE value 128) in addition to my normal working snaps.
    To change it to toggle on/off the endpoint snap you need to change the "631"s to your normal snap setting number without endpoint (see Autodesk link above for how to calculate the number required) and change the "731" to that number +1.
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