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Thread: Wishlist 2012

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    Wishlist 2012

    First thing is I wish that they would fix the break at point command/icon. If you select the icon, the first time it works great. But if you press enter to do the command again, it does the break command (not the break at point). Very annoying....

    Secondly, I wish that there is a way to constrain/align geometry to an arc or circle. We currently have the ucs match object command. But I would like to do the same exact thing but with arcs. The reason that the array command isn't so great is because my spacing is not always consistent throughout the arc. So if i was able to manually copy objects along that arc without having to use the measure/divide command and move/align my objects to it, it would be AWESOME!!!

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    Post your "wishes" at the AUGI website where they are actively collected and voted on. "Winners" get submitted to AutoDesk.
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