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Thread: converting 2012 files to 2007 in trueview= CRASH

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    converting 2012 files to 2007 in trueview= CRASH

    we just recently had to switch from 2012 to 2008 because our licence ran out and we had to convert everything to 2007 so we could open it. some of us forgot some drawing and downloaded trueview so we could try and convert them but when we do convert them to 2007 and try and open them in 2008 it freezes then crashes and ask me to send and error report. what i want to know is if there nothing i can do about this or is there something wrong with what ive been doing?

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    Is there anything in particular that is complicated about the drawings? Multiple x-refs, enbeded images, etc?

    You could try using trueview to convert/save to an earlier version, say 2004 or even 2000, to see if that works.
    Alternatively try converting to a 2007 dxf and see if you can open that.
    Im intelligent enough to know that I dont know everything; but I'll tell you all about it anyway.

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