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Thread: dwg to pdf

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    dwg to pdf

    when plotting using printer setting dwg to pdf for A3 paper, I get large margins at sides when I print the pdf file, is there a way of reducing the margins.

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    Try Using CutePDF Writer as a plotter, This is also an aplication that can be easely installed.

    Or try changing printer settings.

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    Using Cute PDF will take away the "DWG to PDF.pc3" integrated file. Keep using the DWG to PDF PC3 file, but go into the printer properties. Do this by typing PLOTTERMANAGER at the command line and open up the "DWG to PDF.pc3" file. Go to the Device and Document Settings tab > User-defined Paper Sizes & Calibration > Modify Standard Paper Sizes (Printable Area). From here you can select the page size and modify the margins.

    Also note, most standard page sizes in this plotter has a "full bleed" page size option that have zero or minimal margins.

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