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Thread: Problem with annotative hatches - similar hatches different on layout at same scale

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    Problem with annotative hatches - similar hatches different on layout at same scale

    Hello all, here it goes my first post!

    I am having big problems with Autocad 2012 (working with metric) annotative hatches (first time i am using them). Sorry to bother you with this questions, however i have searched the whole google.

    I have this complex section of an architectural project, which is drawn at 1:1 scale (obviously). It has lots of constructive details, however i've made lots of layers and everything is under control.
    However, as I started to hatch the drawings, i was having big problems at using the same drawing for different scales, because non-annotative hatches also change their size with different scales.

    So I began trying annotative, and i did it as i read in several how-tos. I made an hatch in the layout to know the perfect scale for the hatch, then applied that scale in model hatches. Then, in properties, I selected the scales at which that hatch should belong. Until here everything was OK!

    However, as the ideal scale for the hatches (ANSI31) was something like 0.0003, here started the problems. The layout has an erratic behavior with similar hatches (I even tried to use matchprops to be sure different hatches had the same properties). On different viewports, some of the hatches appear as solid, and they plot just like that! As I zoom in and zoom out, the problem changes, as problematic viewports become right and others become wrong.

    I tried to change HPmaxlines to 10000000, i tried to change the size of ansi31 in acad.pat, however the problem persists. It seems that the problem disappears when i have increase the hatch scale to, lets say, 0.05, however it's not that scale I want because of the presentation...

    I'll attach some images to further explain the problem.

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	hatchesprob1.jpg 
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    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	hatchesprob2.jpg 
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ID:	980

    Thank you a lot for your help

    PS: sorry for any English Errors, but i am portuguese

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    I am not sure of this, but I opened the same file on autocad 2011 and it seems to be everything OK. I'll later confirm this, but if this is happening, BIG BIG 2012 miss!

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    2012 Annotative objects are not working correctly....Among other things

    2012 has broken annotative objects, text, leaders, & Hatch. The only fix that I have found in 2012 is to do the following.
    1. Select your viewport and unlock it.
    2. Change the annotative scale to something else.
    3. Change it back to what you originally wanted.

    That should fix the appearance in the layout & Print.

    Oh and just in case that was not enough fun, you have to do it every time you add a new item as well. Thanks AutoDesk for a Giant leap backwards!!! I now do not even bother using viewports because it actually takes MORE time to go through and rework the viewports before printing. AutoDesk has dropped the ball. This is the last copy that I will ever buy.

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