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Thread: linescale and linetype help

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    linescale and linetype help

    Help required
    I am having trouble , I set up my drawing layers with line types ( ex:dashed 2)and line scales ( ex: linewidth .8) and set on monotone and it looks right on monitor or when I print on my office printer, however when I send it to a plotting service it all comes back in the same linetype and line scale - I have global scale set at 30 ? what button did i screw up or setting should i check so i can resolved this problem? help appreciated

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    Try setting your LT scale to 1 & then print...

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    did you plot with the CTB file? What about your plot preciew? Is it ok?

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    If it looks OK on your screen and prints OK on your printer then it must be the plotting service that is getting it wrong.
    I assume you are using a service because you want a larger plot than you can produce on your printer?

    Send them a hardcopy that has come off your printer and tell them that that is how the lines should look, if they can't reproduce want you want then they should not charge you.
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    hi Lothar:
    thanks for your help
    CTB file ? please elaborate - what is CTB file
    I have following setting
    plot scale set 1 to1
    global scale was set to 15
    current objects scale 1.0
    should I check box for scale lineweights ?

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