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Thread: Need help converting a new file to old AutoCad version

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    Need help converting a new file to old AutoCad version

    I am a novice user of AutoCad and hope I am not abusing the intent of the forum ... I need some help. I have the old AutoCad LT2000. I have a file created and saved in a newer version of 2008 +/- a year or two.

    I am looking to see if someone would be willing to let me sent them the file to open then save back to an older version. Then, send the file back to me. The file is for a competition in the fire sprinkler industry where young guys compete in installing systmes for small businesses. Please feel free to drop me a not direct. I am located in Plano, Tx just north of Dallas.

    Again, if I am violating and forum rules I apologize.

    Thank you

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    Drawings can be "converted" using the DWG Converter that is included with the free program DWG TrueView. DWG TrueView can be found at the AutoDesk website.

    Link to download site:

    After sending you an email and waiting 10 minutes I got no response. Sorry, but I've got other things to attend to. Better resort to using DWG TrueView as suggested above.
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    Kyle I think it worked.... I thank you very much..


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