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Thread: CADD centre- Industries Increase Quality in Design and Production

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    CADD centre- Industries Increase Quality in Design and Production

    The Chennai-based CADD Centre, Asia’s largest network of CAD training centres, is introducing a course on geometric dimensioning and tolerancing (GD&T), a symbolic language used to precisely define the geometry of mechanical parts, for students and working professionals to enhance quality in designing and production processes. The key modules of the course, which is covered in a 16-hour theory and workshop session, are: dimensional tolerancing, limits & fits, geometric tolerance, and modifiers.

    Commenting about the significance of GD&T, Mr Karaiadi Selvan, Managing Director, CADD Centre, said that GD&T introduces tools that allow mechanical designers to effectively communicate complex geometrical descriptions which are otherwise not possible using a defined language. It is successfully used in the automotive, aerospace, electronic and the commercial design and manufacturing industries.

    He said that formal training in GD&T enhances the employability of students, as more and more Indian companies that maintain quality, cut cost and reduce wastage in the designing and production process, want to recruit engineers who have good knowledge on GD&T. The implementation of GD&T techniques is regarded crucial by Indian industries, gearing up to improve their production and quality standards to compete in the global market. GD&T is also a part of 6-sigma standards. In India, approximately, about 25,000 design engineers with GD&T background are hired by the industry every month.

    Visit CADD Centre has developed the course material inhouse. It uses flash media to train students on GD&T, and uses MCADD software to demonstrate the use of GD&T. Mr Selvan said that the course will be offered to all mechanical students who have enrolled in 3D modeling courses at no extra cost. The working professionals can exclusively enrol in GD&T courses. The course fee in India is Rs 2900 excluding taxes. CADD Centre is expected to train at least 25,000 mechanical students in GD&T in India by the end of 2011-12.

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    That's nice. So what are you going to do for us here at AutoCAD Everything? Do we get any free training? Are you going to help answer questions? A free tee shirt?
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