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Thread: Plotting a 1:85-ish drawing to 1:1000 scale

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    Plotting a 1:85-ish drawing to 1:1000 scale

    I'm basically I am new to Autocad and I am having problems with changing the scale of my drawings to 1:1000 (previously it is 1:85).I have done and as a result it gets zoomed in closer to a particular part wherein I have to scale the whole drawing to the required measurements.

    I also did tried to plot area by 'window' and have plot scale to 1:1000 but to my demise I had either the same or worst results.

    Also, I am trying to plot my drawing on an A3 sized paper (297mm x 420mm) yea, please advice.Thanks!

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    Hi Morita,

    Yes, the first plotting steps are like a march through Death Valley...

    Some Questions:
    1 Why 1:85? Do have this scale in the Modell space?
    2 Do you plot from the Paper Space?

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    1) Draw your objects in model space at full size.
    2) Switch to a paper space layout.
    3) Create a viewport, assign a scale and position your model space objects.
    4) Lock the viewport display.
    5) Print or plot your drawing at a scale of 1:1 (metric).
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