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Thread: AutoCAD is converting underscore _ into a fraction 1/8

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    AutoCAD is converting underscore _ into a fraction 1/8

    Please help! This has become extremely frustrating and is really beginning to piss me off.

    Everytime I type in an underscore cad changes it to 1/8. For instance if I type "This_is_pissing_me_off", it is converted to "This1/8is1/8pissing1/8me1/8off" (except the 1/8 is stacked diagonally.

    I have been searching online for over an hour now and I have come up empty handed. If this is some wierd autostack setting that is enabled, could someone please lend me a hand.

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    Yes & welcome...

    I think you do not like autostacking. You can turn off this feature.

    WIN XP, ADT 2004

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    Thank you for your response. When I highlight the text I do not get the option to stack or unstack. I was under the impression that the autostack properties would be engaged if you were to type a backslash between two numbers. The problem I am having is that autocad has somehow associated 1/8 with _. So whenever I type an underscore it return it as 1/8.

    This is only occuring in this one drawing and no others. My problem is that I am using Mircovellum for this drawing and when I nest my products, the material which is in my material file as 3_4PLY_CNC becomes nested as 31/8PLY1/8CNC. I can only imagine that when I go to write my GCode that this will screw things up.

    Any ideas?

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    WBlock everything out to a new drawing and see if you leave the problem behind.

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