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Thread: Layer Freeze Button/Command

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    Layer Freeze Button/Command

    Does anybody know how to get the Layer Freeze button to work? I have been using it fine w/ version 2000 & 2000i. Now i want to put it on another version 2000i computer. I have created the button, but don't konw much more. Please help. Thanks.

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    I believe you are refering to the command that is part of the Express tools.

    The easiest way is to install the express tools (if you have them) otherwise
    To get the express tools another autocad version follow these steps.
    I have highlighted the important steps for you....

    Migrate Express Tools from AutoCAD® 2000 to AutoCAD® 2000i or AutoCAD® 2002
    TS59037 Applies to: AutoCAD Architectural Desktop™ Release 2i, AutoCAD Map® 2000i Release 4.5, AutoCAD® 2000i, AutoCAD® 2002, AutoCAD® Land Development Desktop Release 2i, AutoCAD® Mechanical 2000i, AutoCAD® Mechanical 2000i Power Pack, Mechanical Desktop® Release 5.0 Power Pack Published Date: 08/21/2001
    Issue The Express Tools Library is not included with AutoCAD® 2000i or AutoCAD® 2002. Solution When you upgrade from AutoCAD 2000 to AutoCAD 2000i or AutoCAD 2002, you can use one of the following methods to migrate the Express Tools Library.

    Method #1 Install AutoCAD 2000i before you uninstall AutoCAD 2000 to ensure that Express Tools migrate into AutoCAD 2000i or AutoCAD 2002.

    Method #2 Create a backup of the Express Tools Library before you install AutoCAD 2000i or AutoCAD 2002. Use this method if you need to completely uninstall AutoCAD 2000 before you install AutoCAD 2000i or AutoCAD 2002. Use this procedure to back up the Express Tools library and then migrate the files to AutoCAD 2000i or AutoCAD 2002.

    1. Before uninstalling AutoCAD 2000,
    make backup copies of the following Express Tools-related files: o express\*.* o support\acettest.fas o help\acetmain.hlp o help\acetmain.cnt o help\acetfaq.hlp

    2. Install AutoCAD 2000i or AutoCAD 2002, and reboot your computer.
    3. Under the directory where you installed AutoCAD, create a subdirectory named Express. For example, if you installed AutoCAD on the C drive in the c:\program files\autocad 2000i directory,

    create the following directory: c:\program files\autocad 2000i\express.
    4. Copy all of the Express Tools files from the express\*.* file that you backed up in step 1 into the new directory you created in step3.
    5. Copy the acettest.fas file to the AutoCAD support files subdirectory.

    For example, if you installed AutoCAD on the C drive in the c:\program files\autocad 2000i directory, the support files directory would be c:\program files\autocad 2000i\support.

    6. Copy the acetmain.hlp, acetmain.cnt, and acetfaq.hlp files to the AutoCAD Help subdirectory.
    7. On the command line, type appload and press ENTER.
    8. Under Startup Suite, select Contents and choose Add.
    9. Select the acettest.fas file in the AutoCAD support directory. This will cause this file to load every time AutoCAD is started. You may have to restart AutoCAD at this point.
    10. Type expressmenu on the command line. Note: The directories may vary slightly depending on the version of AutoCAD and the folders specified during the install. The Express Tools menu will load automatically in AutoCAD 2000i or 2002 and the tool kit will be ready to use. Warning: The Express Tools have not been fully tested with AutoCAD 2000i or 2002.

    Hope this helps

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