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    I am a bit of a novice so this may be simple. I have ACad2000 and often cut & paste from one drawing to another - this works by highlighting the view to transfer, select copy, then I can usually paste it or paste as a block on anotyher open drawing / file ( i.e. not just anohter view of the same drawing but say copy a machine elevation and then import / paste it into an overall facory layout.
    I have done this successfully with a number of drawing elevartions from different suppliers but one supplier's drawings in particular causes me a problem. No matter what I try they will not copy. I have spoken to the drawing draftman and asked if there is a lock or other papameter to switch off to allow their drawing to be copy & pasted elsewhere - they do not know of such a restriction.
    Any ideas ???

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    Yes. Ask the draftsman if the drawing was created using AutoCAD 2007 and then saved to the 2000 file format for your use. There are known problems doing this and there is a solution as well.

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