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Thread: converting plt files to tif

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    converting plt files to tif

    As a followup to my previous question about converting CAD files to pdf format, one of my colleagues mentioned that his previous company had a program that converted the plot files to image files (tif to be more specific). He said this would solve the issue of having objects and hatches block out the information under them. The plot file would be translated into some sort of dithering that would allow you to see the two objects overlapping. Any ideas on what program could do this?


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    Not sure about the program that converts PLT to TIF but within AutoCAD you can plot directly to a TIF or JPG or BMP or PMG or any other image format.

    The PC3 files begin with "PublishToWeb???.PC3"
    There should be at least 3 image formats.

    Try that. :mrgreen:

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    plt to tif

    the 2005 release import plt to dwg with express tools.
    so you can plot to tif how arch speak.
    if you install acrobat professionall you can plot to pdf too.
    with corel draw you can import plts and export to tif what you want

    the best ways to publish dwgs in the web is dwf plot but depend
    of a plugin in the browser how as pdf too.

    i hope to help

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