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Thread: Updating title block information on many drawings at once

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    Updating title block information on many drawings at once

    I know I might be asking a bit too much: I have VBA experience in Excel, but none in AutoCAD. What I am trying to do is to update title block information on a lot of drawings at once, I attach a sample.

    It should be relatively straightforward, but to be brutally honest I don't even know how to start. The fact that the AutoCAD I am using (2005) is unable to record macros doesn't help, either. I learned most of my Excel VBA knowledge by recording macros, studying the result and googling, but here I don't even have a starting point.

    If someone could jump-start me with a sample piece of code I would be really grateful, hopefully with a starting point I will be able to take it from there. What I need to do is to increase the "REV" box (bottom right corner) and to add a new line in the revision history (bottom left corner) with text such as "FINAL ISSUE FOR RECORD". I need to do this to many drawings in batch. The current revision of the drawing will vary, what I need to do is increase it.

    Thanks a lot

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    Wow 47 attributes
    Not a simple beginning VBA project

    It could be done in lisp also, which is what I know. At least the attribute editing part.
    Knowing the tag for revision it could read that, increment it.
    Then with the rev number it could find the revison block tags, such as "R1DESC1", then enter the revision text there. Same with date, by, etc.
    To process a batch of drawings could use "scriptpro" or other batch procesing program for AutoCAD.

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