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Thread: SayIt in AutoCAD!

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    Smile SayIt in AutoCAD!

    Hi Everyone,
    This evening I was browsing and came upon this thread here for "Voice interface plugin for AutoCAD".
    I thought the link would be an interesting site to check out, but the link for the acadvoice.html no longer exists on
    Here is a version that doesn't require a plug-in, and is already part of most Windows operating systems.

    SayIt is a utility that allows AutoCAD to speak using the default Windows speech program.
    The applications are up to your imagination, and can also be included before displaying alert and dialog messages.
    I've included an example to add to your AcadDoc.lsp file that will be executed when AutoCAD starts up.
    SayIt is a fun application that may appear as an artificial intelligence when used with some programming.
    i.e. Tom is always late for work. He opens up AutoCAD and a small voice from his computer speakers says:
    "Good afternoon Tom. It's about time you showed up. Now get to work!" (Can you just see his face turn red?)
    The voice selection may be changed through your Control Panel/Speech dialog for other male or female voices installed on your computer.
    Now have some fun with it! Let's 'hear' your comments...

    Here is an example of the command line version.
    Command: Sayit
    Enter phrase: Tom, check this out.
    Here is an example used in a program.
    (SayIt "The value must be greater than zero!")
    Note: Rename the attachment as SayIt.lsp. To load it type (load "SayIt")
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