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Thread: ACAD (ANY): DWG to PDF

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    ACAD (ANY): DWG to PDF

    Some have asked if it is possible to convert DWGs to PDFs.
    Yes and for free.

    Download a free PDF writer and set it up as a printer on your CPU.
    Then plot from AutoCAD to this new plotter.

    Below is a list of FREE PDF writers.
    (List is current to this date: 06-AUG-2004)


    "eDOC Printer PDF Pro"



    "Open Be OS PDF Writer"


    "PDF Factory"

    "PDF Machine"



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    Solidworks also have a free PDF creator, called DWG Gateway. It also converts between any version of AutoCAD DWG - ideal for opening newer DWG files in older versions of AutoCAD.

    It requires registration, and may therefore incur some amount of advertising email.

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