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Thread: FREE Online CAD Proficency Test

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    FREE Online CAD Proficency Test

    I have found that these online CAD tests come an go and so I'm just leaving the search from google.. (in case the link above goes away)
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    In my experience, i have been given two exams...

    One had a description of bathroom... to be drafted...

    it had the:
    wall layer
    fixture layer
    door layer
    names to be used...

    then described the wall construction around the bathroom to be used...
    and then some rough ADA requirements for the toilet and grab locations..

    the blocks where supplied in a blank DWG...
    where you where expected to draft it...

    it was timed...
    and checked by a veteran user in the company.

    Another test given to me...

    a written descrption of a masonry cavity with all its components...

    metal studs
    sheet rock
    windows sill

    and i was expected to slap it together...

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