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Thread: ACAD Tip : Printing CTB or STB files

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    A2Ki OR A2K2: Printing out CTB/ STB files

    Many have asked this question from time to time so here it is. :mrgreen:

    How do I print out my CTB or STB file.

    Convert the CTB or STB file to PCP file, which can then be printed as a "Comma-delimited" text file.
    Below is the link to AutoDesk which leads a "CTB to PCP Converter".

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    architech Guest
    I'm just adding the zip file here in case AutoDesk deletes this zip off their server.

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    ACAD Tip : Printing CTB or STB files

    Quote Originally Posted by Exxit
    @am1, here is the tablprint8.exe with readme.txt. Where is the problem?

    Additional info..
    The Earth is not a disc.
    before AutoDesk decides to delete this routine...
    I find it best to archive it here....

    As all Free things on AutoDesk's site, things seem to disappear as new version come out...
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