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Thread: free Contouring program

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    free Contouring program

    SiteTopo is a free surface modelling / contouring program to use with AutoCAD.

    Loads survey point files, or DXF and XML formats.
    Works with plain AutoCAD (no addons needed), and makes no changes to
    your CAD setup.
    3D view lets you see your survey from any perspective.
    No installation, standalone executable.

    Flash movie of the program:

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    holy crap that was brilliant!!!!!!!!!

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    Thanks cadmanii.

    Anybody else try it and want to leave a comment?

    It is a small download (2.5MB) and includes sample data, including what you see in the video.

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    I was pretty impressed with how quickly the data set of points were transformed into a surface. I deinitely could see some use for it if I didn't have access to commercial software. I liked the ease of toggling points & contours. I didn't find the zooming, panning etc. very intuitive and I didn't seem to get much better after playing with it for a while. maybe because I've never been a video gamer

    The adding of breakline is a little cumbersome. Works OK to add 1 or delete one segment at a time. I didnt see how to delete (undo) other than the last segment drawn.

    The rainfall flow/water runoff looks glitzy but I didn't see its real engineering value - doidn't seem like something to size culverts, route flow,etc.

    I didn't give the import/export much of a try. It did seem to export contours OK, and was glad to see annotation that didn't show up while running it.

    The "draping" ability also sems impressive but I haven't got around to trying that.

    Overall though, very good program, especially for the price

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    Good review CarlB -

    I need to figure out a better way of moving the viewpoint, haven't decided what to do about this yet. If anyone has a suggestion I'll be glad to hear it.

    One way to add a lot of breaklines is to draw them all in cad, save as dxf, and open in the program. It will add them all, one at a time.

    Thanks for trying it.

    C. Roberts
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    I downloaded this cgrob, and if I find time I'll give it a try. This is free and unlimited? The video shows that you've put a lot of work into this!

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    newbie here......

    [QUOTE=cgrob;10931]SiteTopo is a free surface modelling / contouring program to use with AutoCAD.

    Hello!!! I f anyone knows how can i use site topo plz help!!!!!! i've got some points in autocad so i used autolisp (exptxt) to save these points as a .txt file..After that i have to opened this file with excel and then to save it as .csv file.....and there is the problem ...the list with points confused with , and . and i can't save this list as there another way to import this txt file into site topo....sorry for my english.....if anybody can help i d really apreciate that....thanks a lot!

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    SiteTopo updated

    SiteTopo is a Contouring program and has been updated to version 2.0 with a couple of new features:

    1. Contour smoothing.

    2. Zooming in/out with the mouse wheel.

    Still has 30 day freee trial and is a standalone program (does not modify your CAD setup in any way).

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