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    Hi forum members,
    in some forums the members are discussing about copyrights of images, links, screenshots etc...
    I read, that lawyers and pettifogger are searching in the www, after infringements of copyrights. In this forum too? Has anyone experiences?
    In Germany there's an example of an "escalope" (I'm not kidding) Someone has taken an image fromm the www, and the photographer files an action...

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    I have been seeing this in some of the 3D forums I visit. People are stealing images from other members and then posting them as their own on other forums, claiming that they are the artist. But maybe that's different because they are taking credit for someone else's work. If you find something you like online and then post it up for others to see, and give credit to the artist, then how can anyone take action against you? Unless you're claiming ownership or using the image somehow to make money, I don't see how anyone could come after you?
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    IF someone is claiming someone else's work is their own, that's copyright infringement.

    If they post the work of someone else without their permission it MAY be copyright infringement even if they give credit to the originator/author.

    Best to ask first.....

    I suppose these guys are the children of those who used to rename SHX fonts and post them as their own work. Sheesh!

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    Is there a good reason why you decided to resurrect a thread from 2007? Bored? Lost? Fingers not functioning well?
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    You forgot to mention the obvious one, spammer.
    He had a spam link as his homepage.

    Oops, I tend to forget that posts dissapear completely from normal view when I ban a spammer using that particular method.
    (Mods can still see them, there are 4 deleted posts on this thread).
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