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Thread: block attributes

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    block attributes

    I'm sure most of us have a block full of atributes which form the drawing number, revision, title etc.
    However, I am wondering if it is possible to enter the drawing number attribute 'cell' once but have the text appear more than once eg. top left and bottom right of the drawing.
    This seems a simple enough question lets hope the answer may be as easy.

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    architech Guest
    i don't think this can happen.... where you enter text once... and have it appear in 2 or more places at once

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    Maybe if the text is a nested block rather than an attribute, and you edit it with "refedit", then it would get uptated for all inserts....maybe....

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    To expand on Carl B's offering..... maybe try using the same tag name in the nested portion .... just a guess.

    I'm thinking that this should probably be addressed as a wish list item.....

    (GAWD! I never thought I'd be suggesting a wish list item!)

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