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Thread: Extruding 3d Points

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    Extruding 3d Points

    Hello everyone,
    I work with a dxf files that surveying companys produce where there software gives a whole lot of points of on area of land which have an x and y coordinate(which is typical) but also give a z coordinate which is the height of that point relative to a set level or benchmark.
    Does anyone know a way to create a 3D model or 3D mesh from all these points.I have done a bit of 3D modelling and know that you extrude along the Z axis or a selected path but I am unable to extrude these points with the set z coordinates.It may be that I need different software such as
    REVIT to do this?
    Can anyone assist?

    Help Much Appreciated.

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    Survey software is typically used to produce ground elevation contours, and most also produce a network of triangles (3d faces) as part of the process of creating contours. Some also do mesh creation. You might check with the company providing you points and see what else they can give you (which they may already have created).

    Commonly used software to do trerrain modelling is Land Develoment Desktop (LDD) by Autodesk, and Eaglepoint, andthere are many others.

    You will need a software add-on to create 3d model from 3d points.

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    Hi Willcan,
    I have worked with survey data on Land Development Desktop.
    Other (Autodesk) software possiable for this would be 3D Civils (soon replacing LDD) or 3D Map which I currently use. These have civils commands wich can give a group of 2D points their written 3D values.(Very usefull) Then you can create your surface. Hope this helps

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    contouring, etc,


    Say I ran across a post on here, I think it was by the author of a free standalone contouring program that accepts DXF files. I think the website to check is

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    You can try to use Relief Master. it is also free.

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    This thread is pretty old, you both are more than welcome to start a brand new thread in the AutoCAD Resources area.

    If you have any questions on how to do that, just ask.

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