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Thread: display z value of given point in text box??

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    display z value of given point in text box??

    hi can anyone help me please i have had to do a survey half with gps half total station... when i have move one survey to suit the other the text shown didnt change to represent the new given level... so i had to delete them all... the architect is now asking for them. is there fast way to do this as there is over 2000 point to do.. i just want to select a point and the z value of that point be shown in a text box

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    For things like this you are better asking over at CadTutor.

    There are already Lee Mac lisp routines there to extract ordinates and write them to text.

    Or you could go direct to Lee's website where no doubt there will be what you need:
    Maybe this one:

    On the Cadtutor Forum have a look at these:

    If it's not quite what you want then ask there and somebody will have what you want or can modify one for you.
    (Maybe even Lee himself, he is active on there).
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