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Thread: Where are the page setups stored, Acad 14

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    Where are the page setups stored, Acad 14

    I can only add page configurations in the plot diaog

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    The page setup is stored in the drawing itself.

    If you want to use the same page setup each time for new drawings then you use a Template to start your new drawing.
    The required pagesetup, and much more if you want, is saved in that Template.

    To create a template:
    Open a new blank drawing.
    Set the sizes, etc.
    Add the Text Styles, Dimension Styles, and anything else you want to have available.
    Add a drawing border if you want to.
    When it is the way you want it, Save As > AutoCAD Template (*.dwt) file in your 'Templates' folder.

    To start a new drawing using that template you use the New > Use a Template command.
    Once opened 'Save As' a .dwg with a new name, and then draw whatever you want.

    To help get you started you will find a full set of metric templates and some instructions on using and modifying them here:

    PS. I see you have asked the same over at the CadTutor and AUGI forums, which is fair enough but you could get confused with all the answers you will get. (Everyone does things slightly different ways).
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