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Thread: Help with plotting

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    Help with plotting

    I am new in AutoCAD. I draw 1:1 floor plan, I draw 1m in real like 1 in autocad. Now I have to plot it in pdf as 1:50. How can I do that

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    Have you read/done any AutoCad tutorials?
    Are you used to using any other Cad application?

    Presumably you have drawn in Autocad Modelspace?

    With AutoCad there are many different ways of doing things, and the way most people do things has changed over the years.

    What most people now do is draw at 1:1 as you have done (That could be 1metre, 1 millimeter, 1 inch, 1 mile, etc. whatever unit you want to use).
    Then create a Paperspace (Layout) viewport and set whatever scale you need to fit that drawing to the sheet size that you have decided to use.
    You can then use the plot settings to plot that sheet at 1:1, 'Scale to fit', or any other scale that you like.

    So even when you draw at 1:1 there can still be two other lots of scaling.
    It makes Autocad very flexible, but can be confusing at first.

    CadTutor has some good tutorials, and has a busier forum than this one where you may get more help.
    This one is about using Paperspace:
    This one about metric papersizes:

    There are may other tutorials out there, do a websearch for things like "AutoCad viewports" and "AutoCad Plotting".
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