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    autocad options

    Hi All - apologies if this appears to be a somewhat repetitive subject. having just been made redundant due to current pandemic, i've found myself with little to loose in setting up basic architectural designs. having used autocad for many years i'm in a pickle over paying for latest autocad LT subscriptions at year/monthly costs as. But i have noticed sites like cadslux and 3dcadstore offering permanent license copies of older versions (which i'm more than happy with and cover my needs). has anyone any experiance with these sites or are they bogus and scam both me and autodesk issues?
    can i indeed get a permanent license of old (autocad 2000lt) anymore through other resellers?
    appreciate views getting me back up and running.

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    Many baulk at paying for an Autocad subsciption.

    I also lost my job, 10 years ago, and if I didn't already have a fully bought Autocad at home wouldn't have been able to afford a subscription.

    I'd be wary of buying a 'permanent' Autocad licence from a 3rd party as Autodesk no longer offer them.
    It is possible that they are old licences that the reseller bought some time ago, but ....
    Autodesk will no longer activate licences from before 2010.

    However you say 2000LT, which you could buy outright without a subscription.
    You needed a key to activate but that could be done offline.
    Whether those websites would have genuine old copies of 2000 Lt I don't know; but I'd be very wary.
    I checked the "Contact Us" address of the 3dcadstore on their website - 114 Mile End Rd, London, on google streetview from July 2019 it's a pizza takeaway. (Which appears to be still trading).!4d-0.0479271

    I'd suggest looking at cheaper, or even free, alternatives.

    Many have gone for BricsCAD which still offers a perpetual, (lifetime), licence as well as shorter licences.
    It also has a 30 day trial so you can give it a decent try out.

    Other popular recommendations are:
    NanoCAD (Which has free and paid for versions):

    There are also many free CAD programmes out there, so you could try a few and see if you like one.
    LibreCad looks interesting (might give it a try myself):

    Here is a comparison of some AutoCAD alternatives, including the ones above:
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