To allow me to work from home during Covid19 crisis my company has provided me with a Lenovo core i7 thinkpad.
This has been installed with AutoCAD 2018.
Whilst the screen size isn't ideal I can manage.
However the installation does not appear to be complete.
examples (being old school, and usually using classic view I will refer to menu options or command lines:
I have no Acad toolbars. If I select tools>toolbars there is no 'AutoCAD' option from which to select from the long list of toolbars.
Command line: 'group' works but 'classicgroup' invoking dialogue box doesn't, i receive message - 'dialogs are not available because DCL files are not loaded'.
strangely the command'arrayclassic' which invokes a dialog box DOES work, likewise DDATTE, .

I am assured by my IT dept. that the install should have worked 100% but health-wise I am reluctant to take it to work to have it rebuilt.
Hopefully its solvable by either simply copying Acad system files from one folder to another but I don't know which.
Perhaps somebody could tell me which DCL file for exampleand where to.
or adding a path or 2 to Tools>options>support file search path list (which looks pretty complete to me).
The lacking toolbars is the biggest problem I have identified to date.