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Thread: Update text after style changes

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    Update text after style changes

    I made a text style then wrote something
    Now i changed the text's height or width factor, for example, but on closing the Text Styles command and regenerating, the written text remains the same, unchanged
    I think in earlier versions was a command to update...

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    It sounds as if you have overridden the Text Style Defaults with specific setting for that particular text entity.

    Select the text and 'list' it's properties to see if it is as default or has specific values set.

    If it has specific values then open 'Properties'.
    Delete the specific value(s) and close properties and the text will revert to whatever is set for the Text Style default, and a regen should display it with the defaults for that style.

    Alternatively, select a text that is already as the textstyle that you want and copy it's properties to the overriden text:
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