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Thread: Hatch Menu Not Showing Up in Auto cad 2016

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    Hatch Menu Not Showing Up in Auto cad 2016

    I had to upgrade to Auto Cad 2016 and still use the old style classic menus, however when I try hatch the dialog box does not pop up and I have adjusted the HPGLMODE settings to 0 if I use 1 Auto Cad locks up. What can I do to fix this.

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    The dialog may be opening, but off the visible screen.
    If that happens then Autocad will 'lock up' until you close it again, which is what you describe.
    In which case - press 'esc' to close it again. (and unfreeze Autocad).
    Maybe you have been using dual monitor mode?

    Try these steps:
    • Set HPGLMODE to 1
    • on the command line type _HATCH
      that should open the dialog but it may be off screen, next:
    • press keys <ALT><SPACE>
    • a context menu should appear on the left or right side of the screen
    • press key <CursorDown> to move the cursor in the context menu to "Move"
    • press <ENTER>
    • press key <CursorLeft> or <CursorRight>, depending on whether the context menu appeared right or left, until the hatch dialog comes back on screen
    • when you can see it you can now continue the movement for the dialog with your mouse and do a left click to fix the new position.
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