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Thread: (link?), reinstall Autocad lt 2013 upgrade (Hellllp!) lol

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    (link?), reinstall Autocad lt 2013 upgrade (Hellllp!) lol

    I had been using Autocad 2010 lt, then ordered the 2013 lt upgrade. It was fine for a while but then that computer crashed.
    I'm at a new computer (at work), & I need to reinstall this upgrade again.
    I've got all my serial numbers, etc, but cannot find where to download this; I've been looking all over the Autocad site (I can never navigate that site very well), now I'm getting a headache!
    It should not be this difficult!

    Can you Please send me a link where I can do this? The Autocad site is picking on me again! lol

    Thanks a bunch!
    Happy Friday!
    ~Leslie H

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    P.S.; I'm using a 64-bit pc...
    Again, I've got my receipt, my original 'Welcome' email, user id, serial/activation numbers, etc, but when I logged in & went to the 'management' page, (as per the site instructions), the only thing it offered was 'storage' (no LT Anything, or any other selection there like I had hoped).
    So.... I'm sitting here w/my thumb up... in the air... looking all crazy on a Friday afternoon, lmbo!
    Anyway, looks like I may be coming in to the office this weekend to get the pc straightened out.
    Sad thing is, our company has a company license for the 2017 (on the network), I can open and use it but only as a guest.
    Our IT guy is on vaca, & I can't get license info/clearance(?), until he returns... Sigh!
    Welp, I appreciate any help that's offered, and hope you all have a blessed weekend!

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    Hi MsUnderstood,

    This is not something I've ever had to do, but these may help:

    This forum is virtually now closed for new questions, it remains online as a source of knowledge but no new members can register.
    Already registred members can still log on, but there are very few visitors to answer questions now.

    A lot of of the old regulars from here now post on CADTutor forum, and it's a very knowledgeable and helpful community, so I would suggest that you ask again over there:

    HOWEVER there is a slight problem just now in that cadtutor are updating their forum software from vBulletin to Invision Community Suite this weekend so you may not be able to register until Sunday afternoon/evening.
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    Im intelligent enough to know that I dont know everything; but I'll tell you all about it anyway.

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