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Thread: VBA extract multiple drawing attribute and insert into cover sheet

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    VBA extract multiple drawing attribute and insert into cover sheet

    I would like to be able to extract my title block sheet number attribute from multiple dwgs and enter the found attributes into the my project's cover sheet as an index.

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    Hi Ixoye,

    This forum is virtually now closed for new questions, it remains online as a source of knowledge but no new members can register.
    Already registred members can still log on, but there are very few visitors to answer questions now.

    A lot of of the old regulars from here now post on CADTutor forum, and I see that you are already registered at CADTutor yourself so suggest you ask your question in the VBA sub-forum there.
    Im intelligent enough to know that I dont know everything; but I'll tell you all about it anyway.

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