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Thread: Referencing an offset object

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    Referencing an offset object

    Good Night All.

    I want to reference an object after it has been created but I am unsuccessful. can anyone guide me how to achieve this objective?

    Here is the code that I used. I want to close the offset object.

       Dim OffsetObj As Variant
         OffsetObj = JoinedPlineObj8.Offset(3)

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    Hi greneebb,

    You may have noticed that this forum has gone to 'archive' status, and is no longer accepting new memberships although existing members can still log in.

    It has been left online as it does contain a wealth of useful Autocad related information, but I would no longer consider it a place to ask new questions.

    Could I suggest that you ask your question over at Cadtutor, in the VBA or lisp sections?.

    There are some very knowledgable coders there who are always willing to help.

    Many of the old regulars from here are still active over there, often with the same username.
    Im intelligent enough to know that I dont know everything; but I'll tell you all about it anyway.

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    Thanks very much for the update

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