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Thread: "lines are non-coplanar"

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    "lines are non-coplanar"

    Recently, when I draw a long vertical line to align plans and sections, and I try to use the fillet command with a horizontal line or the move command, I am getting the message, "lines are non-coplanar". However, I am able to use the trim command. Any advice on this one? Thanks!

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    One (or more) points on one (or more) of the lines is at a different 'z' value to the others.
    When this happens then the lines cannot be filleted, because they are on different levels.

    If you are drawing in 2D then you need to get all the lines/points on the same level, usually zero.

    There are a few ways to do this.

    First see if you have the 'Flatten' command, not everyone does it's part of 'Express Tools', - try typing 'Flatten' (without the quotes) into the command line to get all the lines on Z=0.

    If you don't have the flatten command then you could edit each line individually and use the properties manager to get all Z's to zero.
    Trouble with that is it can take a long time to check every line, and you might not even spot the offender.
    (It might say its on z=0.000, when in fact it's on z=0.0001).

    A quicker way is to use the 'Move' command to move all your geometry into hyperspace and back again.
    This works because Autocad has to round the numbers up when you do this and so things like 0.0001 get rounded back to zero.

    The sequence to enter is:

    So what you have done there is moved all the drawing up to z=1e99 (1 followed by 99 zeros, hyperspace) and then moved it back again.
    Because of the 99 zeros Autocad can't remember anything that came after the decimal point so it gets discarded.

    If you find that this is happening a lot then you might want to put that set of commands as a macro on a toolbar button or menu item.
    That way you can do it with one click of the button.

    See this post for the macro command itself, (you'll notice it's the above command sequence on one line, with a bit of extra for Enters and the like):

    And this tells you how to create and modify toolbars in Autocad 2010

    when I draw a long vertical line to align plans and sections,
    Are you aware of the XLINE command? (Lines of infinite length used to align things).
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