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Thread: Layer Freeze and Blocks...

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    Layer Freeze and Blocks...

    Hi all,

    I have a block made of attributes that can't be frozen using the LAYFRZ command.
    It wants to freeze the layer the attribute is on rather than the layer the block is on.
    The block is used for multiple things and putting it on a specific layer wouldn't work since it would mess with my layer states.

    I found a long method to do exactly what I'd like but it can't be turned into a macro because of the way the macro works:

    -layer *Enter*
    Enter an option [...]: F *Enter*
    Enter name list of layer(s) to freeze or <select object> *Enter*
    *Click on everything I want to freeze and press Enter*
    *Press Enter again to either execute or finish and leave -layer command*

    The macro seems to fail right after choosing to freeze since <select object> doesn't have a key to specify and just adding an "enter" in the macro line doesn't work.

    The best I can think of as a macro is the following:

    I had an idea that I could make a button that freezes the current selection but I'm not sure how to make that.
    There's no command that I know of that acts like CHPROP except for layer settings like on/off, thaw/frozen, VPthat/VPfrozen, etc.

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    Hi subdiVision,

    It's always a problem selecting items inside a macro when you don't know how many objects you will need to select.

    If it's the same number of objects each time then you can put in that number of backstashes for user input, but of course that's not very flexible.

    I'm afraid that's the way it is with macros, they just don't have that level of flexibility.

    I suggest that you may be better using lisp or VBA to get the results that you want.

    Unfortunately as you may have noticed this forum has gone to an 'archive' status.
    No new registrations are allowed and there is limited help for those existing members who still look in.

    Could I suggest that you ask your question again over at
    You will find quite a few of the senior member from here have migrated to there, some have kept the same usernames.

    There are some realy knowledgeable people there who will help with lisp in particular.
    You will probably find that someone will write a lisp for you that does exactly what you need.
    Im intelligent enough to know that I dont know everything; but I'll tell you all about it anyway.

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