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Thread: dimensions in autocad 2002

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    dimensions in autocad 2002

    I am trying to change the text size in dimensions and it no longer works for me. I am in model space and tried - format-dimensions-modify-text-and then changed size and it no longer works. What could be the problem?

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    Are you trying to change the text size for new dimensions, or change existing dimension texts?

    If you are trying to change existing dimension texts then check to make sure that an 'override' has not been applied to the text size of the existing dimensions.
    (If an override has been applied to a dimension style then modifying that style later will not change the override).

    More about dimension overrides-

    As well as an override on the dimension style, individual dimension elements may have been overridden in the 'properties' dialogue box or by use of the dimedit command.
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    I am trying to change existing dimensions. I went through all your suggestions and it is not an override. I tried to put in a new dimension on the drawing but it only displays it in the large size no matter what I format the dimensions as. Any other suggestions?

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    Can you attach a copy of the actual .dwg file to your next post? Maybe after looking at the drawing we can discern the nature of the problem and suggest a remedy.
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    I have 2002, I just drew a rectangle dimensioned it and changed the height in the properties box....
    You can select them all & change them at the same time in the properties box.
    Change arrow size etc

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