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Thread: Object Attributes not displaying (ATTDISP=Normal; ATTREQ=1) -- worked fine yesterday

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    Object Attributes not displaying (ATTDISP=Normal; ATTREQ=1) -- worked fine yesterday

    Hey all,

    I have a drawing that uses a lot of block objects (Telecom equipment cells/symbols) and those objects have attributes that are displayed inside them. The object itself is displayed but the text attritubte inside of it is NOT.

    I have double clicked the object to ensure the values were still entered into the appropriate attribute, and they are indeed still entered, just not displaying.

    I have tried all variations of turning ATTDISP to off, on, and normal and in conjunction with ATTREQ as 1 or 0. REGEN'd after each of those different ATT variable changes.


    I have included a couple screen shots below... The one displaying the attributes is from a PDF print I did yesterday of the drawing.

    Thanks so much for any info!!

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Just to be clear are you saying that they used to display (yesterday) but have now dissapeared?
    Or are you saying that they only show up when printed?

    A few thing to try:

    Have you tried ATTDISP ON to see if the attributes have been set to Invisible somehow?
    (ATTDISP ON will show even invisible attributes).
    If they have then:
    Go to Modify>Object>Attributes>Block attribute manager>Edit and you will be able to uncheck the Invisible box.

    Have you edited/modified the attributes in any way?
    If so try running the ATTSYNC command.

    Are your attributes annotative objects? Have you changed the viewport scale?
    If this is the case then the particular scale may not be supported.
    Try the ANNOALLVISIBLE command.
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