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    I've got a serious question.

    Has the thought of forming a Drafters Union ever crossed your mind? The few times I've brought it up to anyone I've never received a response. I've mostly been brushed off and once treated like a heretic. It seems like its considered taboo, and that most drafter don't want (or are too lazy) to "raise a stink".

    I must admit I know next to nothing about unions, only that they seem to cause a big fuss when they strike. However, I was reading last weeks Newsweek magazine and it stated that union workers, make (on average) 28% more :shock: than their non union counterparts! That kind of raise would more than cover monthly Union dues. Irregardless of the pay raise it would be nice to have someone at bat for you when your company is jerking you around.

    There was definetly a few times at my last company I wished all of the drafters would just stand up and walk out for a few days, because of the way we were being treated.

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    I've given it some thought in the past.

    I know employers don't want this .... :shock:
    So it's difficult to implement but once in hard to eliminate.

    Downfall not all drafters would benefit from a union. Drafters that are trying to become professionals would be sticky.

    Your union would have to extend beyond the drafters to the engineers & architects.

    Raises would be limited to cents versus dollars for the talented. This would be due to everyone as group would have to get a raise if one gets it.

    A union has its plus/ minus.

    Let us know if you ever make it happen. :P

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