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Thread: Importing Hatch Patterns

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    Importing Hatch Patterns

    I have some woodgrain hatch patterns that I had saved on my PC desktop from a disk I had purchased years ago. I have since upgraded to LT 2013 aprox. a year ago. How do I import these hatches into my currently used program?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cad64 View Post
    Just create a folder somewhere on your hard drive and call it Hatch Patterns, or whatever, and place any custom .pat files you have into that folder. Now open Autocad, go to Options, click on the "Files" tab and create a new "Support File Search Path" that points to that Hatch Pattern folder you created. Any custom .pat files you add to that folder will be available for use within Autocad.
    Posted a few years ago but I believe that this is still valid.
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