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01-11-2005, 12:50 PM
I just discovered this site and was wondering if anyone had any advice for me on the topic of new plotter recommendations.

The plotter I am shopping for is going to be used in a network setting of a small survey/engineering firm. We currently employ three drafters who output a medium to high amount of work of which 99.9% includes black and white engineering drawings. I am currently looking at the HP Designjet 1055cm possibly paired with the multi-roll feeder. I found a review comparing it to what I have to assume was a lower end laser plotter by Xerox and it seemed to measure up quite nicely, epecially for the price difference. The HP 1055cm runs about $8000 and the multi-roll feeder is about $3000. Mainly I am looking for something that combines speed, print quality and easy loading at a reasonable price (I'm thinking in the neighborhood of $10000). One question I havent found an answer to yet is whether you can feed sheets into the 1055cm without having to touch any of the rolls in the multi feeder. I would appreciate any imput anyone may have as to whether this is a good plotter for my purposes, if you would recommend something else instead, or if you have any websites you know of that would be a good plotter purchasing resource. Thanks in advance.

Rich Guisado
Fauser Associates

05-11-2005, 09:39 PM
Xerox 8838 plotter is a good one for black & white.
As for the 1055 .... yes you can feed sheets into it... although when feeding the sheet ... I would chose roll as my option for feeding the sheet.... If you pick sheet on the 1055 ... it will scan the entire sheet which is time consuming and may rip the sheet.

Anyway.... I've used the 1055 for 3 years... great machine.
I've put in "trace paper" ... clear plastic film .... bond.... color paper.... and high gloss photo paper.

Hope that helps.:p