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02-11-2015, 04:29 PM
My 88 year-old father wants to use his old AutoCAD R14.01 with his Drawing Board VI Digitizer. He has a 16 button puck and custom menus defined. I have all his custom files in the SUPPORT directory.

I have successfully installed R14 in Windows 7.0 XPMODE using a USB to RS-232 emulation software. I have the GTCO CalComp TabletWorks v.10.09 installed and it is recognizing the tablet but there is no ADI driver in the pointer configuration inside AutoCAD. I have tried the WinTab v.4.1 (I think it is 4.1) but that does not work.

Does anyone out there have the R14 ADI drivers for his digitizer?

I used to be a CAD administrator from R10-R14 but it has been over a decade so I could use a brief instructions on how to install the ADI drivers.

Any help would be most appreciated!:)


Kyle Reese
02-11-2015, 06:11 PM
AutoCAD R13 and R14 for Windows will require the use of the appropriate CalComp WinTAB driver but do not require any additional drivers. Configuration is as follows:

1. Select the "Pointer" tab.
2. Select "WinTAB Compatible Digitizer ADI 4.2 - by AutoDesk".
3. Make sure the "Digitizer and Mouse" radio button is selected.
4. Select the "Set Current" button next to the list of drivers.
5. Select the "OK" button to accept the changes and return to the
drawing editor.

02-11-2015, 06:49 PM
Phew, r14.01 is at least 17 years old now.

I have never tried to use a digitizer with Autocad, but is this link of any help?

The latest Calcomp drivers can be found here:

Also there seem to be some Calcomp ADI drivers here but dont know if they would work with XPmode in Win7.

TBH I'm not sure that you will be able to get the digitizer to work with an ADI driver under this setup, I came across this snippet

You can not use a WinTab driver in Windows and the corresponding ADI driver for your digitizer in AutoCad. When you try to configure AutoCad for the ADI driver you will get the following error message:
The operating system detected the following error on com(x). Digitizer disabled.from here:

Best of luck.

11-11-2015, 07:19 PM
Thanks so much NukeCad

There seems to be some promising possibilities. I'll post my outcome.

Thanks again