View Full Version : Wish List for the Next AutoCAD Release

  1. Wish AutoCAD opened PDFs
  2. Wish AutoCAD opened DWFs
  3. Xref layers were on a Separate tab in the Layer Manager
  4. WMF
  5. Next release should have better 3D viewing tools
  6. Automatically look for changes between DWTs and DWGs
  7. Free "Express Tools" and/ or "Bonus Tools&quo
  8. A better method for doing HATCHES
  9. What's New in Upcoming Autodesk Software
  10. Electrically Shock Users for Exploding
  11. Decent RomanS and RomanD fonts
  12. Multiple users on one file
  13. Command to bisect two polylines
  14. No More new Releases - Just A Patch.
  15. User Friendly Batch Plotting
  16. Be able to edit entities in the F2 screen
  17. Text-Style Delete Routine
  18. Draft via verbable commands (no keyboarding or mouse input)
  19. Old ACAD Opens New ACAD
  20. Filter command with the modify window
  21. (AutoCAD 2002 )Stop the LISP Module From Unloading
  22. Snap to Centre Point of any closed / Open polyline
  23. 3D Spiral that the polyline didnot twist on itself
  24. Stretching 3D objects
  25. Extruding multiple faces
  26. Block Attributes with flyouts
  27. Autocad on Linux
  28. invisible linestyle
  29. Mac OS 10 version of AutoCAD
  30. (IM) Instant Message in AutoCAD
  31. Reliable Support
  32. square up routine
  33. A better AutoSketch
  34. Protected files.......
  35. Just some stability
  36. Recent Commands
  37. More than 1 visibility parameter
  38. Nested Dynamic Block
  39. Wishlist 2012