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Thread: Errors, Errors Everywhere

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    Errors, Errors Everywhere

    I am having trouble getting file open. It is a layout sheet with two xref's in it and I first tried to open it and received this error:

    Internal Error: !U\global\inc\dbqspace.h@386:eNdnputFilter

    After hitting ok, I got:

    Error handler re-entered - Exiting now.

    I click okay.

    Then I when back into Auto Cad and tried to recover that drawing and received the "Audit detected no errors recovered in data base".

    I clicked okay and then got this message. I have reloaded auto cad numerous times and still seem to get these same type of messages. How can I get my layout back and not loose all of the information or the xrefs on it? How also can I stop getting these errors. How time consuming they are!!!

    FATAL ERROR: Unhandled Access violation Reading 0x0000 Exception at 598b37h

    Thanks for any assistance!!!

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    Hi kris 10,

    did You recover the xrefs too? Try that. Or reinsert the xrefs.

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    You might try a Partial Open:

    After picking the file name in the Open dialouge box, pick the down arrow next to the OPEN button. This will allow you to not load the xrefs upon opening the drawing.

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