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Thread: Autocad R14 and Softdesk 8 will not connect together

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    I dont know softdesk8 but a search of the web found this-

    "Unknown command SDSK. Softdesk not initialized."

    Quit Softdesk. Go to the Start Menu -> Programs -> Softdesk 8 Setup -> Softdesk 8 Setup. Follow the instructions on the screen. Once finished, reopen Softdesk, and Softdesk menus and toolbars should appear.
    On this webpage-

    Your problems may be just the fact that Acad R14 is so old now that it is no longer supported and can have problems running on newer operating systems.
    You can usually get it running OK on XP and Windows 7 but Windows 2000 and Vista never liked it
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    Im intelligent enough to know that I dont know everything; but I'll tell you all about it anyway.

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    I had the same problem. Yesterday I think my antivirus recognized acad as a malicious threat and screwed up stuff, moved files, etc. Tried everything. Here's what I ended up doing.

    Uninstalled Softdesk.
    Uninstalled Autocad 14.
    Reinstalled 14.

    For the Softdesk installation I was getting all kinds of problems.
    I ended up installing it in Safe Mode in the Administrator log in.

    This finally worked.

    Hope this helps, I registered to reply just for you. hahaha.

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    I don't know guys, this driving me nuts. I tried both suggestions again and nothing. I have the tabs but Softdesk just won't start

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