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Thread: AutoCAD 2013 LT "objects created by an unavailable ObjectARX application" -w/ descri

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    AutoCAD 2013 LT "objects created by an unavailable ObjectARX application" -w/ descri

    When opening a .dwg in AutoCAD LT 2013 that was originally constructed in AutoCAD 3D 2012, I get the following message:

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	lt proxy graphics.jpg 
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    The rest of the message consists of a list of 12 missing applications and their details. There is no problem when working on this drawing, but when this file is saved in LT, then reopened in AutoCAD 3D 2012, the following messages appear:

    1. This drawing contains newer versions of objects.

    To work with the newer objects in a limited fashion, enable proxy graphics and then resave the drawing in the current version. You can also export the drawing to AutoCAD, however, be aware this permanently converts the AEC objects to basic AutoCAD objects.

    2. This drawing was created with a newer version of Civil 3D. All entities created by Civil 3D within the drawing are in a proxy state. Additionally, all commands, settings, and displays of Civil 3D are disabled for this drawing.

    Then, the drawing is editable but none of the Civil 3D tools are available.

    Any idea why this is happening and how to fix it? I have tried to find appropriate object enablers from AutoDesk, but did not find anything useful.

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    What file format is the drawing first saved in when created with Civil 3D 2012?
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    The object enabler to allow Acad2013 to access Civil 3D files can be found here-

    However depending on what you are trying to do you may have a bigger problem.

    LT versions of Autocad do not support the drawing of 3D objects. (One of the reasons that it is cheaper to buy).
    As you have already found LT can view 3D as proxy objects but if the drawing is saved in LT and then reopened in an Autocad that supports 3D it can cause lots of problems, especially if the two Autocads are different year versions.

    Basically if you want to work with 3D then you need a Full version of Autocad not an LT version.
    Remember you will still need object enablers to exchange full information between the different Architectural, Civil, Electrical, etc. versions.
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    I believe it was .dwg 2012 format, but this problem could have come up with multiple original file formats.

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