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Thread: Windows shortcut commands not working

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    Windows shortcut commands not working

    Does anyone know what's going on here:
    These damn cui's are killing me...I did some cui editing a couple days ago, when I was done my windows shortcuts didn't work -and still don't work. My Ctrl C and Ctrl V as well as any other windows shortcut commands won't do what they're supposed to, as a matter of fact they don;t do anything. I've tried manipulating the shorcut commands portion of my cui bu to no avail. still no functionality on these keys. Any ideas? Help please, I'm about to toss my computer out of the window, and I'm pretty high up here so whoever responds might inadvertently be saving someone's life, and of course my frustration. Thanks in advance.

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    Problem Solved - well at least temporarily

    So here's the fix, in case any one else encounters the same issue. If you're using a custom cui as your primary cui and loading partials into it (like acad.cuix and any other enterprise cuix file you might be using) apparently the cui editor will not import some standard commands into it and the custom cuix overrides the enterprise and any other partial cuix's that may be loaded.
    So here's what you need to do:
    On the 'Transfer' tab in the cui editor, transfer all "keyboard shortcut commands" as well as all "Double-Click editing" commands from the acad.cuix into the custom cuix file that you are using. This should fix the problem.
    Thank goodness I figured this out today, because I would have hated to throw my computer out of the top floor window on a Friday!

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